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Our goal is to be with you in challenging times, empower you while strengthening your
unique traits, and help you find your purpose.


Why choose Us


Play Therapy

Life Coaching

Mental Health Consultation




Why choose us

We have spoken to more than 15,000 individuals this pandemic

We try to have affordable rates to cater to everyone from all walks of life

Our wide array of therapist makes it helpful for people to pick the profession they would relate with


Services Offered

We provide Psychotherapy / Medical Certificate

We do couples counseling

We offer monthly therapy programs

We also have corporate wellness programs

Our Mental Health

Mental Health Consultant 1

They are Psychology Graduates. They are also Psychological First Aid Responders who can do talk therapy and life coaching.

Mental Health Consultants 2

They are Licensed Psychometricians.
They can administer psychological tests, do talk therapy and life coaching.

Therapists 1

They are Licensed Psychologists and can diagnose disorders, do counselling, perform psychotherapies and talk therapy. counselling.

Therapists 2

They are Licensed Psychologists and Psychometrician. They can diagnose disorders,
administer psychological tests, perform psychotherapies, and do counselling.

Feedback that we received


Having to talk about the unpleasant and chaotic thoughts to a professional helped me a lot. Sir Dom made me realize and helped keep me grounded while I felt so lost and crying. Really grateful of having that conversation with him.
I was also given an assignment which made me realize things I should also be doing as ‘self care’. Thank you so much!
Been recommending, Hello Happy as well to my friends. Just hoping they’d do give quick and attentive responses. But I’m receiving good service so far 🙂


I had several sessions and my life turned around for the better. I was able to see another year again through your help. Will never be able to thank you enough, and of course, Ms. Cza. Thank you for saving lives. <3


Hello happy is a safe space. 10/10 would recommend. For the first time in my life, I talked to an expert regarding my mental health concerns. Thanks to Sir Dom. He was very helpful, and listened to my thoughts. Thank you so much for the recommendations as well.
Update: I was able to receive my medcert asap. Fast service. Thank you again! 🤩🤩🤩

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Just wanted to remind you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!`

It's okay to ask for help. 🤝​

And we're here for you, just in case you need someone. ✨✨